Active Release Technique
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Chiropractic care
Realigns the vertebra and removes stress from the nervous system and keeps the nervous system free from spinal nerve stress to encourage healing. More Info
Active Release Technique (A.R.T)
This soft tissue technique moves muscle fibers, tendons and ligaments through a range of motion underneath a contact touch to release adhesions and promote healing. Highly effective treatment of overuse injuries associated with repetitive stress. End result is less pain and a more flexible, supple and functional soft tissue. More Info
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Ultrasound treatment is used to: relieve pain and inflammation, speed healing, reduce muscle spasms and increase range of motion.
Ultrasound makes high frequency sound waves. The sound waves vibrate tissues deep inside the injured area. This creates heat that draws more blood into the tissues. The tissues then respond to healing nutrients brought in by the blood and the repair process begins.
Interferential current therapy involves the placement electrodes on the skin at a painful area or the spinal nerve root associated with a painful region. Alternating currents of medium frequency are applied through the electrodes to the area. The currents rise and fall at different frequencies. The low frequency of the interferential current causes inhibition or habituation of the nervous system, which results in muscle relaxation, suppression of pain and acceleration of healing.
Rehabilitative Conditioning: Strength, flexibility and stability
Proper functional strength and flexibility is essential for a safe and effective re-entry into sport and work. Dr. Zoellner will help you learn the proper exercise routine to help you achieve optimal strength and flexibility so you can you perform in work, sport and life.
Biomechanical Analysis: Movement Therapy
The doctor will analyze the mechanics necessary for you to respond optimally to the demands of life, occupation and sport performance. Then Dr. Zoellner will help you learn the proper movement necessary for you to meet those demands. This is an essential step in the road to full recovery.