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Whiplash / Neck Pain

Whiplash is the common term used for neck pain as a result of the head being snapped back and forth during an impact. It is most commonly associated with car collisions, but can also happen from a significant fall or sport-related trauma. During whiplash, the rapid movements can injure the vertebrae of the neck as well as the muscles and ligaments that support them. The discs between the neck vertebrae can become bulged, torn, or ruptured, while the nearby muscles and ligaments can over-stretch or tear.

Whiplash might be accompanied with headaches, ‘knots’ in the muscles, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue, weakness and irritability. Our body may try to stabilize the neck by significantly tightening up around the injured area as a protective mechanism. Sometimes these symptoms take a few days to appear after an accident occurs.

Chiropractors are particularly skilled at conservatively treating neck pain associated with whiplash. If you have a very sore and stiff neck, it is a good idea to have an evaluation. Your care will entail a detailed exam and, if conservative treatment is warranted, we will proceed with gentle nurturing of the cervical spine and muscles of the neck. We will give home instructions on rest, ice, as well as stretching.

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