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Chiropractic Has Helped Millions

According to results of a survey published in the November 11, 1998, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, approximately 11 percent of the population visited a doctor of chiropractic in 1997. According to the US Census Bureau, there are approximately 288 million people in the United States today. Assuming 11% of the population still sees a chiropractor annually, the number of people who visit a chiropractor every year is now approximately 31.6 million.

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Auto Accidents
Work/Job Injuries
Sports Injuries
Muscle Tightness
Neck Pain
Shoulder / Arm Pain
HeadachesMore Info
Mid Back Pain
Lower Back PainMore Info
Leg / Hip Pain
TMJ Syndrome
Diet & Nutrition
Spine Rehabilitation
ArthritisMore Info
Plantar Fascitis
Whiplash / Neck PainMore Info
Low Immunity
Posture & ExerciseMore Info
Herniated Discs
Numbness or Tingling
Pinched Nerves
Muscle Weakness
Joint Problems
Pregnancy PainMore Info
Bone Pain
Rotator Cuff problems
SciaticaMore Info
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Knee /Ankle / Foot
Wellness CareMore Info
Painful joints
Repetitive stress injuries
Sprains & Strains
Stress ManagementMore Info
Tennis Elbow
Golfers Elbow
Spinal Alignment

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